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by skywookiee (skywookiee)
at May 19th, 2007 (08:10 pm)

For some reason, instead of inspiration, I was intimidated by all the icon things, but I did make some:


Images @ cap_it
Brushes @ Hybrid Genesis

by skywookiee (skywookiee)
at May 19th, 2007 (03:22 pm)

Hello everybody, I decided to make some icons and was overwhelmed with resources available. I never suspected there are that many communities on the subject. I hope you don't mind links, even if you know them already.

dtissagirl's icon making guide
cap_it screencaptures community
100x100_brushes icon brushes community
icon_tutorial icon tutorials community

Sorry for no icons, I'm going to go make some!

Don't Panic! 27 HGttG Icons
by Kaz (kazuldragonfyre)
at February 20th, 2007 (06:12 pm)

Icons for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I have nothing clever to say about these, so...here.


Life, the Universe, and Everything...Collapse )

Guinastasia [userpic]
To start us off...
by Guinastasia (guinastasia)
at January 29th, 2007 (08:14 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"

I confess that I have been EXTREMELY busy lately, and haven't had a chance to visit here. I do LOVE my new job to pieces, but I've missed you guys. Sooooo....I have a whole bunch of new icons-some from Ewan, some Keith Olbermann, Dita Von Teese, etc. Unfortunately, these are not ALL of the new icons I've made-there's too many to put in one post. But I'll gradually be adding and sharing them.

Shut up, Guin-just show us the icons!Collapse )

by Last Wordslinger (lastwordslinger)
at January 16th, 2007 (08:13 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: "Through The Glass" by Stone Sour

We have liftoff! I'm pretty sure we do... I'm going to ask my gracious co-mod, Guin, to put in her two cents. But I think we've got something to start with here.

This community was made in the spirit of wanting everyone with an imagination and creativity to have a place to show off their icons. It saddens me to see the word "elite" and to see icon makers shoved aside simply because they have a different style than those that are considered the "best" out there. In this community, we strive to be the best at our OWN style and to help one another learn more about graphics making. So... let the party begin!

Affiliation Requests
by Last Wordslinger (lastwordslinger)
at January 16th, 2007 (08:07 pm)

current mood: energetic
current song: "Pain" by Three Days Grace

Post here to affiliate with this community! We accept any graphics communities, so don't be afraid to ask. Also, please be patient with us! We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. :D

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