The Iconoclasts

Icon Makers, Unite!

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Welcome to The Iconoclasts, an icon community for icon makers everywhere! We would like for this to be a place where all will be accepted equally, both seasoned icon makers and newbies. We can share ideas, critique one another’s work, and offer tips in a healthy environment conducive to creativity.

There’s no real limit to what you can do here, but I would like to set down a few simple rules first and foremost…

1. No bickering whatsoever. If you flame someone, start an argument, blatantly insult their work, or steal icons in any way… You’ll be banned. We shall not tolerate bungholes.

2. Always credit someone for their work. It’s just common courtesy.

3. Don’t hotlink! That screws up people’s bandwidth, so just don’t do it.

4. Most importantly… Have fun!

Moderators: guinastasia and jadeblood

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